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Purchasing in our store you accumulate funds which you can spend on your next orders.

Amount spent in the last 90 days The value added to your Discount Account for your next order
0 - 99.99 zł 4% order value
100 - 199.99 zł 5% order value
200 - 299.99 zł 6% order value
300 - 399.99 zł 7% order value
400 - 499.99 zł 8% order value
500 - 599.99 zł 9% order value
600 - 999.99 zł 10% order value
od 1000 zł 12% order value

The amount transferred to Discount Account is calculated from the actual value of your order without shipping costs and other discounts. Money goes into your Discount Account at the moment we carry out your order and can be used with the next purchase.

The collected funds can be used during purchasing in our store exclusively as a discount. They can not be paid out or used to cover the shipping costs. In case of cancellation the order, the discount which was used will be non-refundable.


At the first purchase in our store, you will immediately gain 4% of the value of your order. In the following orders, the value of discount depends on how much you have spent on products in our store over the past 90 days.

If the value of your purchases in the last 3 months was e.g. 250 PLN, the value passed to your Discount Account with your next order would be 6%. If your purchases in the last 90 days reached amount of 500 PLN, we would transfer to your Discount Account 9% of the value of your new order.

If you are already our customer, you can check the status of your Discount Account by clicking on the link Discount Account (login required). If you are not our customer yet please register and start saving :)