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Huge store offering beads – more than 8.500 products. Beads, glass beads, pearls, sequin, jewellery findings

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[11229] crimp beads 4 mm with large..

Dimension: 4 mm

Pack.: 1 pcs

Price: PLN0.59

[2595] lampwork grey 15 mm coin

Dimension: 15 mm

Pack.: 2 pcs

Price: PLN0.99

[6967] lampwork silver foil tear..

Dimension: 12 x 20 mm

Pack.: 2 pcs

Price: PLN1.29

[9258] modular beads blocking pattern..

-20 %
modular beads blocking patterns 11 x 4.7 mm

Dimension: 11 x 4,7 mm

Pack.: 1 pcs

Price: PLN1.83

[3530] round bead amethyst 3

Dimension: 3 mm

Pack.: 20 pcs

Price: PLN1.29

[8895] round galactic transparent..

Dimension: 10 mm

Pack.: 8 pcs

Price: PLN0.79

[7805] round plastic marble burgundy..

Dimension: 6 mm

Pack.: 10 grams

Price: PLN1.99

[6400] round wooden beads light brown..

Dimension: 3 x 4 mm

Pack.: 5 grams

Price: PLN1.99

[9838] Swarovski pear-shaped pendants..

Dimension: 16 mm

Pack.: 1 pcs

Price: PLN5.49

[11689] Toho round ceylon peach cobler..

Dimension: 2 mm

Pack.: 5 grams

Price: PLN1.49

[4487] tubes red millefiori flowers 4..

Dimension: 6 mm

Pack.: 8 pcs

Price: PLN1.79

[10756] wool round white beads 16 mm

Dimension: 16 mm

Pack.: 1 pcs

Price: PLN0.99

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[8307] material pendants cats green..

-86 %
material pendants cats green 25 x 36 mm

Price: PLN0.49

Old price:: PLN3.49


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Are the semi-products used by you safe for you and your Customers? Most vendors ensure that their products meet the required standards, but can they prove it? We can! Our products are tested by independent laboratories and we have proof for it our certificates.